Monday, February 18, 2008

Me, myself and Barack

Canongate Books UK edition, hardcover. First impressions - some passages were omitted in the audiobook. Very nice jacket, nicer picture than on original Crown US edition.

SHOUT OUT - pose with your copy of "the Audacity of Hope" or your favorite poster, put it on your blog, and spread it across the blogosphere! Silly? Probably. Cool? Definitely.

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Anonymous said...

I am always glad to spot new sites spreading the truth and promoting Obama. Yesterday, I found the "Audacious Obamist”. Great guy, good site, found a post there that ultimately led to you. I posted the following on his site, hoping others will slowly but surely spread this message. America really needs to wake up on what is real, and what are lies. We have had an administration for years that lies to the American public and uses the big media to help confirm their lies. Obama is about truth. He has had nothing to hide and has made that clear. The republicans, on the other hand, are finally being exposed as the criminals they really are. The following post contains links to the "proof" people have been waiting for. Thanks

post: 6-12-08
As we all now know, (some of us knew a long time ago) the war in Iraq was a complete lie and was “sold” to us through a propaganda campaign designed by Bush and the Pentagon. Oh, and paid for, of course, by us. As many of you also know, there for a few days he was making us nervous with talk about “visiting the World Leaders to rally support in stopping IRAN from having ‘nuclear programs’ “. Of course, thanks to a combination of fortunate political moves along with many bloggers like us who help keep real news in the air, his plans to wage another fake war, this time on Iran, were thwarted. Now, suddenly, he wants to have a chat with them instead. With the Free Press coming out with the Pentagon propaganda story,(which was actually reported first in the New York Times, link at the bottom in case you missed it), bloggers like you, and maybe the 35 articles of impeachment that were being read in the house,as America watched live while he was gone, Georgie had to go to plan B. And what would that be? Stay with me. Many of you have probably also noticed how very venomous and uptight and stressed out all the guest Republican speakers in the media are, and how fired up they all are ,all of a sudden, to “drill in America”. Somehow "drilling right here at home" is the new "go green" After all it is the answer to everything from oil prices to health care, if you listen to them all babble on the networks. They are desperate. Since plan A has gone down the tube, now the spin doctors are busy at work convincing America (the dumb ones) that drilling here at home would bring gas prices down. WHAT A HUGE LIE. Let me break it down. America, the entire country, contains 2% (approx) of the worlds oil and coal resources. We USE 25% of the world’s resources. SO IF WE DRILL EVERY DROP WE HAVE, we might save a penny or two on a gallon of gas.. 7 YEARS FROM NOW! Yes, it would take 7 years to USE the first barrel!!! Plus, it might last a few years at best. Plus, we create an INCREDIBLE environmental hazard. The Repubs say “we are talking about 50 miles off shore!!!” Like that's "WAY OUT THERE". (I guess when you are used to a long trip being from the bar in your office to the bathroom, 50 miles might seem like a "long way") Are they really so stupid as to think you can DRILL OIL 50 miles off of any shore and not cause issues? Then there is Alaska. Sure. Let’s get out there and put a huge dent in the largest economy there. Deep sea fishing. Let’s spill oil in the pristine waters for a years worth of oil. The Dems have said NO to drilling up our pristine waters for 13 years and never has gas been 4.05 a gallon. (Iraq, 4.05, Iraq, 4.05..duh) Bottom line, Republicans are sweating where the oil money will be coming from in the future. Unless the Repubs devise a new way to spin an excuse to wage war on Iran after all (followed by a short list of other oil bearing countries) they are all looking at loosing a few bucks. Boo-Hoo. Let’s face it..starting with Bush senior on down,(and I’m sure much earlier) Cheney, and friends too, the whole clan stems from a loooong line of oil tycoons. They don't get it and don't want to. Alternatives to oil are as silly to Republicans as a black man for President. Thank God there are more and more Democrats. I can not wait to see our Obama clean some SILLY CLOCK!! If America sees the truth, he will. Thanks for listening. Spread the truth.

PS. Personal confession: I would like to marry Keith Olberman.

PSS, links on the propaganda:
If that link is short and takes you to the main page, look for the post from friday, may 9

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