Friday, February 8, 2008

Eye on Obama hits off! Commitment, opinion and excitement

Hello everyone and welcome to my coverage of the 2008 United States' election for President.

"Eye on Obama" will try to present a fair, critical and common sense report on my support of Sen. Obama's presidential candidacy. I do not wish to enforce any ideas, after all, this is all just opinion. What I do want to do is to try to convey some of my observations, and point out criticism that is fair to any candidate.

Below is my personal motivation to my support for Sen. Barack Obama.

Since the 2000 Presidential election, I've been disappointed in the democratic process of the United States. While it is true GOP have become masters in the Machiavellian arts (ie. winning at all costs by any means), Democrats have become almost as divisive as their political counterparts. Although understandeable after many years of congressional and political hardships and ruthlessness, the American political system has become a very cynical place where the best attainable goal seems to be appeasement of interest groups, powerful entities within one's constituency and maintaining a truce with the press.

This is not what it was supposed to be. Although power corrupts all, and no democratic system in the world is entirely loyal to its founding principles, at least politics should be about policies and trying to make a positive difference for the people and the nation. Politics should not be about left versus right, black versus white, liberal versus conservative. It should be about justice as opposed to injustice, freedom against oppression, and a common good and respect for one another that binds us all.

This is something that has been Sen. Obama's creed since the very beginning, long before the primaries, elections, and promises of political glory.

I believe that Sen. Obama has struck a chord with his ideas, which seem to stem out of a sincere belief and confidence in what has made America so great. I believe that Americans have a unique opportunity to reach out to one another, sit down and face the issues, and at the same time deal with some of the demons of the past.

I'm Erwin Ho, medical student and Belgian supporter of Sen. Barack Obama. And I believe Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America.

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