Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cynicism sets in - a sign of what's coming

Let's be fair. Sen. Barack Obama has received considerable and mostly favourable coverage from most national television networks. MSNBC's full of Obama fanboys (notably, Chris Matthews) Even Fox News has refrained from repeating earlier attacks (the middle name thing, for instance). However, ever since Sen. Obama nudged past Sen. Clinton in Gallup's tracking poll, many commentators have begun putting Sen. Obama's campaign in a very cynical daylight. Especially this article, with attached CNN clip of the "Situation Room". It describes Obama's movement as being like a cult, and the clip cites commentators finding the high levels of enthusiasm "creepy".

This kind of reporting is downright perverse. It symbolizes fully the willingness of "the man" to crush anything and anyone that has any glimpse of good will and intent. Although I have no doubt that Sen. Obama is a very smart politician and a very crafty campaigner, I believe that behind all the political competitions, lies a sincere belief and insight into how this generation can write a new chapter in American politics.

Things can get much worse, still. These reports are mere negative spins to, basically, events and observations that boost Sen. Obama. Imagine when the "real dirt" comes up. And it will, we had a preview of that when the Billary dragon reared it's ugly head in South Carolina. Rezko, race, doubts about his faith, "present" votes, weakening of legislature due to pressure from lobbyists and interest groups,.. these are things that have only been very sparsely noted till now. The GOP will certainly use them, but Sen. Clinton's campaign might also. Perhaps for winning the Democratic nomination, but, and this is what scares me most, perhaps also like a sort of tactic of "scorched earth": that, even when they realize they can't or very unlikely will win, they will launch flak that will tarnish his record and provide a handy step-up for the GOP artillery.

These are all very pessimistic projections. I guess it's an expression of the recurring disappointment in what politics are and what it has begun to imply once you participate in it. And exactly herein lies my hope in Barack Obama's project. That one day perhaps, politics isn't such a rathole, the cynics won't be able to wield such power and if they do, at least the people have a basic trust in what they believe is truthful and what is not.

*Update* Read this more detailed view into how the press has launched attacks since 1992. It's a thoroughly disturbing but necessary read.

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