Friday, February 22, 2008

Come to our side..we have cookies!

Well, what a month this has been. To make it short, Sen. Obama survived all the negativity and went to win almost all states with double digit margins, resulting in a 150+ pledged delegate margin.

I'm so stunned, I really can't utter any useful statement. I've backspaced these lines 6 times already now.

With the help of a very broad coalition fed by the most extensive and well organized grassroots organisation (1 million donations!), Obama's movement has delivered him right where he needs to be: up front, and the moment his to take.

Because it's not March 4 when Sen. Clinton will make her last stand. It's on the dual debates, now, in few hours (and already past when you read this) and on February 26. These are the moments when Hillary Clinton can really shine, and still severely dent Sen. Obama.

However, any hurdle can be seen as a great challenge. Barack Obama has one option, one that he will very likely take: to simply dodge attacks with grace, assimilate and enhance all issue stances, and to make a lasting impression on national television. For that is the way of the winning candidate. Mind you, I'm not stating he has won, but currently, there's no denying that he is.

Whoever the nominees and President will be, however, change, solutions, or straight talk will not come easily. Today, the US embassy was attacked in Serbia. In Pakistan, Musharraf's lost the elections and the opposition has joined forces
(not that I'm supporting Musharraf, but at least he did try to stem radicalist activity in his country). And the economy is either seriously slowing down or well in the initial stages of depression.
I think all candidates realize that past the shine of the election of new leadership, stand the challenges that await all of us. However, you still need to have a strong mandate to begin with. When you shun half the country or block out the youth & educated, you'll only succeed in nurturing your part of the cake.

But we want the full pie, don't we? So come to our side. We have cookies! Well, according to Ben & Jerry, ice cream at least.


Travis said...

Nice post! I agree with you that Barack is winning (hasn't fully won yet...) and as long as he keeps doing what he's been doing, there's no stopping him! Keep up the great work and I also voted for your article at

Erwin Ho said...

Thanks for your comment and vote! Fingers crossed for those debates, eh.

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