Wednesday, June 4, 2008


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Boys and girls, hang tight, this is gonna be the ride of your life.


I liked John McCain's speech. He said what he had to say: contrast himself against Sen. Obama but also Pres. Bush, stressing that his campaign is about "the right change" and highlighting his own strengths (public service, patriotism, belief in small government). For the most of the speech however, all of his remarks are fair and an expression of genuine and just conservative concern for a nation in challenging times. Unfortunate observations were his "young man with bad ideas" remark, the slogan "A Leader We Can Believe In" (plagiarism!) including his hook "This isn't change we can believe in!" and his sometimes unadapted facial expressions (especially his smile).

Note that MSNBC interrupted Sen. McCain's speech for the announcement of Obama clearing the 2118 vote target at 9pm ET. After the announcement, they didn't switch back to the speech and had Olbermann and Matthews praising Sen. Obama and his campaign's achievement.

**Update 2**

On 9:30 PM ET, Sen. Clinton made her prime time address. She shot off by congratulating Sen. Obama, his campaign, and his achievement. She went on to make a review of her campaign and of the historic proportions of this Democratic primary season. At the end of the speech, she explicitly said "not making a decision tonight", much to the satisfaction of a strikingly vigorous crowd. She would "meet up with party officials to determine how to move forward, in the best interest of the party".

**Update 3**

Sen. Obama gave his speech at 10 PM ET in St. Paul, Minnesota. I'm going to bed (4 am in Belgium) but suffice to say - I'm in a victory rush now. And from Obama's lips to these bloglines: "This primary season is over" - "I will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America".

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