Saturday, March 1, 2008


Spin, press, 20 debates, ads, rallies, spin, campaign donation tallies, red phones, and then some more spin.

I don't know about you guys, but this blogger is becoming dead tired of all of that.

In a week where Sen. Obama did well to maintain his posture during the 2 last debates, and saw his national lead (Gallup tracking, amongst others) and Texas-Ohio forecasts consolidating, the pundits just can't help but keep analysing every little bit. From nonsense about lapel pins, possibilities of the Hussein name being the "ultimate fear bomb" and red phone responses. I mean, who cares if Walter Mondale used that ad. He didn't get elected, and I haven't heard Sen. Clinton saying "Where's the beef?" yet. By the way, Sen. Obama would spit that out with a "I'm more of a KFC man myself" comment or something.
These really are small, insignificant events and observations. Of course, the analysts are making the story based on their hypersensitive political Spidey-sense. If Lou Dobbs was Peter Parker, Uncle Ben would probably still be alive.

By the way, let me use this space to briefly state my dislike of the man. He pushed out great anchors like Willow Bay and Alan Chernoff because he took back Moneyline (which, because of his short resignation, became a nice, fastpaced financial rundown, but was reversed to the same pre-Boomer snoozefest and is the sad grumpy-white-men show "Lou Dobbs Tonight" is today).

In this blogger's opinion, I think it's time to stop the frantic primary campaigning. Raising 35-50 million dollars monthly is a great testament to political involvement, but is really excessive considering we're not playing for the main prize yet. Although it is great that Democrats across the nation now have a say to who gets to be the nominee, this whole show is in danger to become the elaborate red carpet to the White House's front lawn, while John McCain gets a Marine One ride to the Oval Office.

Well, at least there's SNL, A Daily Show and Obama dancing to keep my spirits up.

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Erin X. Stone said...

Aye, aye. I wonder if we're going to be able to handle another 9 months of this increasing ugliness...I suspect we'll all be exhausted by then. :(

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